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Book Recommendation: Strategic Alliances by Steve Steinhilber

Penny Imaging: The power of Alliances

“Your company will grow faster and more profitably when you leverage alliances instead of going it alone” – Steven Steinhilber

Strategic Alliances by Steven Steinhilber is a book that really resonates with me because being a strategic partner is at the core of our business success.

I recommend this book and here are 3 quotes that are relevant to the future of business:
“Part of your strategic toolbox: Alliances are an essential tool that enables you to attack new market opportunities as part of your build-buy-partner decision-making process”
“Responding more rapidly to changing markets: In a world where information and product velocity are accelerating and customer needs continue to change, no one company can do it alone”
“Core versus context focus: Alliances can help you focus on what you do best and what is core to the long-term health of your company.”